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“We’re flattered to see everyone going out of their way to do anything to help me and my wife. This is a place that’s full of love.”
- John

“We have such good management here. There are no problems. Maintenance is always there if and when I need them. Everyone is very nice and this is a nice place for everyone!”
- Ruth

“The view is the BEST, I love my view, my ducks, my sunset, lightening strikes out the window, and the most basic things. I feel God put me here to make people smile. I live a simple life where having a kitchen for my baking and bringing a smile to others fills me up. I’ve become known as the woman with the big red glasses. I love it here, this is my family now.” Every time I leave one of my groups or the dining room I tell others to have a good night and they have started telling me the same. The people are so nice.”
- Jeannine

Our daughter who lives on the other side of the lake is the reason we came from Nebraska. We decided it was time to retire in an organized way in a community with healthcare’s. All levels of care. From our first visit we were very impressed with the people we met, the area itself, everyone was friendly and accepting. I was immediately impressed with the layout – it’s a beautiful setting. You can be as private or sociable as you want. The activities that are planned are high caliber; well planned and suited to the clientele….clientele oriented or friendly.

Some activities appeal to us and another didn’t but that was 1 out of all in the last year.

Food service flexibility, we don’t have to sign up for any specific meal or hours, there are a lot of choices. We prefer the noon meal. We don’t really have to leave the community for anything with all the services provided, transportation when we don’t drive, we can get to Dr.’s appts. The setting is near all of the shopping right off of Cty Rd 42. Religious services accommodate many denominations. The physical grounds are very beautiful and we like to explore around the lake. Our daughter walks there frequently. 


I ask our residents how they like their home with us.  I hear, “we still miss our home.”  They loved their front yard, planting flowers, the house maintenance, puttering, running to the store for supplies, and family memories.  Most of them would not have left their home unless it was absolutely necessary:

  • their health
  • loneliness and the need for socialization
  • the kids who were worried and wanted them closer  
  • simply being tired and could longer care for their home
  • or sometimes,  just a change for an easier life

We want you to know…WE GET IT!  We get how difficult it is to walk away.  We want you to know we are not here to try and replace your home.  If we ever had the notion to think we could be the home you have lived in for years, we should be in a different business.  We WILL, do our best to make your lives a little easier by providing delicious, nutritious meals, 40+ social, educational and wellness programs a week to choose from, transportation, in-house healthcare and assistance and a friendly, caring environment.

Augustana Regent values your talents, experience and knowledge.  We will help you connect to new friends WHEN you are ready.  We are Lutheran based as well as serve all denominations with spiritual care programs that speak to who you are.

WE GET IT!  If you simply want to prepare for the future or if you’re ready to make a move, come in for a tour.  We genuinely understand what a difficult decision it is to think of a move, but if it helps, you are greeted with a loving smile and open arms.


With Gratitude,
Beth Woodward
Director of Marketing
Augustana Regent at Burnsville