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This is the place to be!   We have everything!  The BEST location for shopping, groceries and medical needs.  We have the BEST location, the BEST Staff,(they are so outstanding), the BEST design, the BEST food and the service is excellent!  I love the activities because there is such a variety.  I have missed my friends, but have made many new friends here.  Whatever you want, it’s here.  This is truly family-orientated. It's almost as though I am on a vacation with really no concerns. Thank you Regent for being here for me.
- Dawn – 10 year resident

Our daughter who lives on the other side of the lake is the reason we came from Nebraska. We decided it was time to retire in an organized way in a community with healthcare’s. All levels of care. From our first visit we were very impressed with the people we met, the area itself, everyone was friendly and accepting. I was immediately impressed with the layout – it’s a beautiful setting. You can be as private or sociable as you want. The activities that are planned are high caliber; well planned and suited to the clientele….clientele oriented or friendly.

Some activities appeal to us and another didn’t but that was 1 out of all in the last year.

Food service flexibility, we don’t have to sign up for any specific meal or hours, there are a lot of choices. We prefer the noon meal. We don’t really have to leave the community for anything with all the services provided, transportation when we don’t drive, we can get to Dr.’s appts. The setting is near all of the shopping right off of Cty Rd 42. Religious services accommodate many denominations. The physical grounds are very beautiful and we like to explore around the lake. Our daughter walks there frequently. 

I’m Just Starting To Look for Senior Living…Can You Tell Me Where To Begin?

I see it on their faces, that deer in the headlights look when a family member has just started helping their loved one find the right place.  There are a lot of choices.  It is an overwhelming, daunting task for most.  Here are a few things that may help ease the journey…

Ask a friend if they have a referral to a community they like and why.

Call Senior Linkage and ask for a list of communities to look for in a specific location(s)   1-800-333-2433

Care Options Network is a tremendous resource by area, level of living, pricing, amenities and more. Go to www.careoptionsnetwork.org...Senior Care Guidebook.

It is ok to do a marathon of senior living tours; however, my suggestion would be a maximum of 3 a day.  It can be hard to keep all of the information straight.  Put all of your notes in 1 notebook where you can separate the communities.

When you walk into each building, stop in the lobby and just take it all in; see how it feels.

Before you start your tour at each location, take a photo of the brochure showing their name, then take your inside photos.  This allows you to keep track of which photos go with each building.

With multiple family members, who will be visiting the most?  Take that into consideration when choosing a location.

Some Questions to Ask:

  • Can my parent/relative/friend, stay in their apartment if they need to add on healthcare services or do they need to move to a different part of the building?
  • Do you have multiple levels of living to continue living in your community as they age and need more help?
  • What is your average response time on resident calls?

What happens if my parent/relative/friend runs out of money?

  • What activities do you offer?
  • Is your dining room open all day or are there certain times for meals?
  • Do you have transportation for your residents?  If so, is there a cost and how do they access it?
  • Does your transportation take them to medical appointments?
  • Do you raise your rent every year? If so, is it automatic and how much is it?
  • Do you have a lease and is it month to month with a 30-day notice?
  • What is the longevity of your employees? 

There are many more you will know or learn to ask as your go through your journey.   Take it easy, try not to wear yourself out and start early to prepare if you can.  If you wait until something happens and you HAVE to move, your choices may go down due to waiting lists.  For further knowledge visit our Articles page at: http://www.augustanaregent.com/augustana-regent-burnsville-articles.  For answers to these questions and more you are welcome to call me at 952-898-8722, Beth Woodward, Director of Marketing.  I’m happy to help and thank you for caring for your loved one.  


With Gratitude,
Beth Woodward
Director of Marketing
Augustana Regent at Burnsville