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I feel safe, I feel free of responsibility, I am relieved of a lot of worries and the staff are all warm and caring people.  There are so many opportunities to engage socially as much as I want to.  If I were still living in my home I would be cooped up.  I made my own choice to move here and my sister is with me.  I’ve made friends and you provide a large range of spiritual, wellness and social activities.  I feel REVITALIZED, have nutritional balanced meals and it’s a happy place to be.  It was a good move.
- Geraldine – 4 year resident

I love it here. I feel secure, I don’t have to cut grass or shovel and if a light goes out, someone helps me. If I have a plumbing problem all I do is call reception and they let the maintenance department know. I remember being stuck in my home. I had two days to get the snow shoveled or I was fined. Getting someone to help was so difficult. They’ve made my life so easy and enjoyable. With the residents and employees here, it’s like living in a wonderful neighborhood.

I like the activities they provide and we have close access to grocery stores and shopping; whatever I need.
- Marilyn – 1.5 year resident

DOING Versus Being

In an earlier article titled Do You Feel Needed, I mentioned becoming quite efficient at mom’s appointments, cares and health conferences.  Fortunately, after speaking with her Dr., I was given an opportunity to just ‘BE’.  

I couldn’t find a BEING definition that represented what I wanted to convey to you, the sons, daughters, spouses and caregivers, so here is my personal definition to share.

BEING  with mom meant:

  • sitting outside in the warmth of the sun, sometimes holding hands, sometimes not, totally in silence or speaking a few words, enjoying each others’ company.  
  • playing solitaire together as a team
  • watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on TV, side-by-side
  • enjoying her favorite foods together
  • having her friends visit with a hot mocha latte

I absorbed any and all moments of experience we had together from the touch of her hand to the smiles, to the tears and to the stories we shared. I watched her face when I walked into her room, it was a beam of light.  

In other words, Being is the opposite of action, the opposite of getting things done.  It is the art of totally being present, off of the phone and computer, away from the rushing of everyday life, tuned into each other and relishing each moment, good or bad.

Sometimes we wonder why a loved one holds on, or needs to go through their poor and very challenging health.  I realized I was there to learn how to communicate at all different stages of her health and I was there to learn how to ‘BE’ in the moment. To this day, I will grab 1-2 minutes at my desk, sipping my hot tea simply breathing. 

Are you taking the opportunity of BEING  with your loved one?


With Gratitude,
Beth Woodward
Director of Marketing
Augustana Regent at Burnsville