14500 Regent Lane Burnsville, MN
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“We’re flattered to see everyone going out of their way to do anything to help me and my wife. This is a place that’s full of love.”
- John

“We have such good management here. There are no problems. Maintenance is always there if and when I need them. Everyone is very nice and this is a nice place for everyone!”
- Ruth

“The view is the BEST, I love my view, my ducks, my sunset, lightening strikes out the window, and the most basic things. I feel God put me here to make people smile. I live a simple life where having a kitchen for my baking and bringing a smile to others fills me up. I’ve become known as the woman with the big red glasses. I love it here, this is my family now.” Every time I leave one of my groups or the dining room I tell others to have a good night and they have started telling me the same. The people are so nice.”
- Jeannine

Dining Services

Dining room open all day 7:30am - 6:30pm with a full menu of choices for every meal.

Do you have a difficult time reading the Dining Services Menu?

Call the Activities Director at 952-898-8757 and she will deliver to your door an enlarged copy each Friday.

Call the Regent Hotline number for Daily Food Menu:  952-898-8735

Menu for the week of July 15th - July 21st, 2019


Menu for the week of July 22nd - July 28th, 2019



Dining - Chicken Strips Meal
Dining - Bratwurst Meal
Dining - Chicken and Rice Meal
Dining - Crusted Tilapia Meal
Dining - Ham Meal
Dining - Chicken and Noodles Meal
Dining - Fish Meal
Dining - Pork and Veggie Meal
Dining - Cherry Pie with Ice Cream
Dining - Memorial Day Table Setting


Photos - Catered Dining Events

Dining - Asian
Dining - Salad
Dining - Dinner
Dining - Salad
Dining - Dessert
Dining - Dessert
Dining - Salad
Dining - Salad


Menu for the week of April 15th -  April 21st, 2019