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This is the place to be!   We have everything!  The BEST location for shopping, groceries and medical needs.  We have the BEST location, the BEST Staff,(they are so outstanding), the BEST design, the BEST food and the service is excellent!  I love the activities because there is such a variety.  I have missed my friends, but have made many new friends here.  Whatever you want, it’s here.  This is truly family-orientated. It's almost as though I am on a vacation with really no concerns. Thank you Regent for being here for me.
- Dawn – 10 year resident

I love it here.  I feel secure, I don’t have to cut grass or shovel and if a light goes out, someone helps me. If I have a plumbing problem all I do is call reception and they let the maintenance department know.  I remember being stuck in my home.  I had two days to get the snow shoveled or I was fined.  Getting someone to help was so difficult.  They’ve made my life so easy and enjoyable.  With the residents and employees here, it’s like living in a wonderful neighborhood.

I like the activities they provide and we have close access to grocery stores and shopping; whatever I need.
- Marilyn – 1.5 year resident

Give yourself some time to adjust and soon, you’ll find yourself feeling a part of this larger family with many nice people.  Just remember, to have a friend, you must be a friend.
- Sylvia, 1 year resident

I’ll Move When I Sell My House

In about 40% of my tours I hear, “”I’ll move when I sell my house”” or “”I have 50 years of stuff to go through before I can move.””  For most of us, leaving our house will never happen until something happens to either of our loved ones.

So many times I’ve heard:

  • Dad had a heart attack and can no longer live by himself; we didn’t know there were waiting lists. 
  • Mom is getting so depressed living alone; I wish she would go to a nice community and make some friends.
  • Dad said he would move to a safe place. That was 2 years ago, he lives alone and his health has really gone down.
  • I can’t take care of my wife anymore, my health has gotten worse but she won’t move.  Who will take care of her when I’m gone?

The house becomes the excuse because it means so much to us.  It’s a big part of our life and moving to a new place is uncomfortable and just plain scary.  I cannot take those feelings away, nor would I try, but I can suggest things to keep in YOUR control!

- Moving in a crisis situation lessens your choices because of waiting lists.   

- Make the decision before an incident makes it for you. 

- Moving when you feel better allows for a much easier transition.

- If you can afford it, moving to a senior community before you sell the house eliminates tremendous STRESS, keeping you healthier and stronger!  

Still not sure?  You are welcome to try us out.  It’s a 30-day notice with no long lease.  Stay with us for a month or for the winter and give yourself time to see how you like it.  Take the worry away from your loved ones if only for a short time. 


Beth Woodward
Director of Marketing