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How They Make A Difference…

Have you had an experience with someone that made a difference in your life?  I mean from the smallest difference to a profound impact!  What am I saying; the smallest differences DO make a profound impact.  It could be a friend, family, doctor, grocery cashier, insurance benefits counselor, funeral director, chaplain; car mechanic…the list goes on.  What I am really asking is, “who made a difference in your life and do you tell them…in DETAIL?”

Here is my point.  Many people are told what they do wrong but I’m asking you to tell others what they do RIGHT…in detail!  Here’s an example of a detailed acknowledgment from one of our staff to a professional. 
1. “When you spoke to our resident in sign language, she felt heard and understood and had a sense of belonging in a way that she doesn’t always have.  It’s hard for her to communicate with the rest of the residents. I love that you bring your skill of communication here to the Regent. It certainly made a difference in her day.”  OR, the comment could have been, 2. “Good Job”.  Which acknowledgment told the person exactly what they did right and which one made them aware that they had made a difference?  The same comment, #1.

Here’s another example.  I was speaking with a med tech one morning and asked her a question.  She said “I’m just a tech, I don’t know.”  My comment back was “You’re not JUST anyone.  By coming to our building you save our residents…TIME and ENERGY.  This is time they could be with their loved ones and have energy to relish those moments.  You make a ‘priceless’ difference for those you serve.”  She told me she had never thought of her job that way.  It gave her a whole new perspective and feeling of great purpose and accomplishment. 

In my final example, I was thinking about when my mother passed away.  The Funeral Director in my home town was extraordinary.  This year I have decided to interview the professionals that come into the Augustana Regent and find out, deep down, how they make a difference with the families they serve.  Read how three funeral directors here in the twin cities make a difference for their families.

Will you make a difference in someone’s life today by letting them know what they are doing right…in detail?   If you would like to share your story on How You Made A Difference in someone's life, call or email Beth.  bwwoodwa@augustanacare.org or 952-898-8722.