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How Funeral Directors Make A Difference

As the months and years are flying by, the fourth anniversary of my mother’s passing is coming up.  I started to reflect on that time and our funeral director who made such a difference.  The funeral home, Money and King in the state of Virginia, has served our family since I can remember.  Would you believe our funeral directors’ name was Angel and she was instrumental in orchestrating my mothers’ funeral, seamlessly, beginning to end.  From being there with my every phone call, my questions, every detail, the difference she made for me… was KNOWING she would be there for me and my family no matter what.  Wherever I was the day of mom’s funeral, the chapel, the parking lot, the cemetery,  I looked up and she was there, never out of sight and always watching what needed to be done, always watching if I or my family needed her.  She made such an impact, to this day, I still connect with her when I go back home.   In fact, she is the one that inspired this article and the desire for me to share with you how three local funeral homes in Minnesota also make a difference.  I interviewed the funeral directors individually and this is what I heard.  



Henry W. Anderson Mortuary - Tim Anderson

Tim, how do you make a difference?

We help families create a service that they will heal from and be a good experience for everyone involved. We sit down with each family and work with them to create a meaningful tribute, weather a cremation or traditional service that is both healing and helpful to all the people that are involved- families, friends and loved ones. It is more than just a job for us, we appreciate every single family that walks through the door and they are treated like one of our own family members. We take the time to listen and find out what is important to them, what makes their loved one unique and then create a service to fit that specific person’s individuality.

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McNearney Funeral Home - Joe and Amy Schmidt

Joe and Amy, how do you make a difference? 

“Every funeral is different, 20 yrs ago it was more traditional.  We listen to families, their needs and wants and coordinate that with their religious and non religious beliefs.  We guide families through this difficult process in their lives.  It’s so important to be honest and treat families how you’d want to be treated, upholding the golden rule, having respect and being nice to people.”

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Cremation Society of MN Edina - Meredith Waterston

Meredith, how do you make a difference? 

When I am done meeting with a family and they say “wow, this was a lot easier than I thought it would be, you made this process so easy and comfortable.”  (Meredith) “People get scared and nervous, if I can make sure they are as calm and comfortable as they can be, they will feel more at peace in this process. I am there to be with them in how they want and need to grieve ” 

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