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How Community Members Make A Difference


"Soooo I went to Costco to buy some salt for my water softener.  Since husband is out of town, I needed to do it.  They are 50 lb bags.  Ugh!  I got 2 bags in the cart but was not sure how I was going to get them out of my cart.  The lady at the register (much taller than I) moved the bags up to the place where kids sit, so I could manage.  Soooo after our discussion last week, I thought I cannot let this go.  I went over to the manager on duty and he said he would make a note, but it is much better if I write a note in the Tell Us How We are Doing box.  So I did.  This whole process put a smile on my face and hopefully it will put a smile on Lynda’s face.  Just thought you would want to know. "
- Sharon