14500 Regent Lane Burnsville, MN
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This is the place to be!   We have everything!  The BEST location for shopping, groceries and medical needs.  We have the BEST location, the BEST Staff,(they are so outstanding), the BEST design, the BEST food and the service is excellent!  I love the activities because there is such a variety.  I have missed my friends, but have made many new friends here.  Whatever you want, it’s here.  This is truly family-orientated. It's almost as though I am on a vacation with really no concerns. Thank you Regent for being here for me.
- Dawn – 10 year resident

I love it here.  I feel secure, I don’t have to cut grass or shovel and if a light goes out, someone helps me. If I have a plumbing problem all I do is call reception and they let the maintenance department know.  I remember being stuck in my home.  I had two days to get the snow shoveled or I was fined.  Getting someone to help was so difficult.  They’ve made my life so easy and enjoyable.  With the residents and employees here, it’s like living in a wonderful neighborhood.

I like the activities they provide and we have close access to grocery stores and shopping; whatever I need.
- Marilyn – 1.5 year resident

Give yourself some time to adjust and soon, you’ll find yourself feeling a part of this larger family with many nice people.  Just remember, to have a friend, you must be a friend.
- Sylvia, 1 year resident

Got Guilt?

I promised mom I would NEVER put her into a nursing home.  In the state of Virginia there was nothing like the senior communities we have here.  That devastating time came when I had to make a decision for her safety & well being.  Even though I didn’t care for their tile floors, before I left her to return to Minnesota I stopped & asked myself, “is mom safe & with people who will genuinely ‘care ‘ properly and affectionately  for her?”  The answer was YES!  I still had guilt but it was mixed with peace of mind.  

As a spouse, relative or an adult child do you have guilt?

Spouse:  Moving your ailing husband/wife from your home or did you promise you would both stay in your home forever?  

Adult Child:  

  • Needing to make a decision against what you promised
  • Your guilt around feeling so stressed about the situation
  • Your guilt not noticing mom & dad’s ‘true’ age and health care needs (I’m guilty of that)

We do get it.  The Regent provides multiple levels of living from Independent, Assisted, Memory Care & Care Suites.  We provide caring from helping to renew their purpose, to healthcares and to social well being.

Be good to yourself.  Don’t let the guilt and stress overtake the love you have for your beloved. We are here to make your lives easier by providing the space, services, compassion and kindness of a friendly community. When you’re ready, come and take a look.  We are here right next to Earley Lake in Burnsville.