14500 Regent Lane Burnsville, MN
952-898-1910 | Directions

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Augustana Care Corporation Mission Statement

"Our mission is to serve God by fostering fullness of life for older adults and other people in need through the provision of health care, housing and other services in a Christian tradition."

Augustana Care is a non-profit organization that provides housing, health care and community-based services to older generations and others in need – and helps residents live the lives that most inspire them. 

Augustana has served the community for over 115 years. We are committed to providing high quality customer service and health care to all residents.

Augustana Care is the owner and management company for Augustana Regent at Burnsville. For more information please visit: www.augustanacare.org.



This is the place to be!   We have everything!  The BEST location for shopping, groceries and medical needs.  We have the BEST location, the BEST Staff,(they are so outstanding), the BEST design, the BEST food and the service is excellent!  I love the activities because there is such a variety.  I have missed my friends, but have made many new friends here.  Whatever you want, it’s here.  This is truly family-orientated. It's almost as though I am on a vacation with really no concerns. Thank you Regent for being here for me.
- Dawn – 10 year resident

I love it here.  I feel secure, I don’t have to cut grass or shovel and if a light goes out, someone helps me. If I have a plumbing problem all I do is call reception and they let the maintenance department know.  I remember being stuck in my home.  I had two days to get the snow shoveled or I was fined.  Getting someone to help was so difficult.  They’ve made my life so easy and enjoyable.  With the residents and employees here, it’s like living in a wonderful neighborhood.

I like the activities they provide and we have close access to grocery stores and shopping; whatever I need.
- Marilyn – 1.5 year resident

Give yourself some time to adjust and soon, you’ll find yourself feeling a part of this larger family with many nice people.  Just remember, to have a friend, you must be a friend.
- Sylvia, 1 year resident

Our Team

Augustana Regent of Burnsville Vicki Tobroxen Vicki Tobroxen, Director of Housing 
952.898.8721 | email  


  • The operations and compliance of the community
  • Financial and property management
  • Housing and services provided
  • Staff development
  • New programs/service
Augustana Regent of Burnsville Kathy Risser Kathy Risser, Asst. Director of Housing
952.898.8741 | email
  • Assists Housing Director with site operations
  • Oversees billing & automatic payment services
  • Coordinates payroll & Human Resource information
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Serves as SHARE Customer Service Liaison
Augustana Regent of Burnsville Beth Woodward Beth Woodward, Director of Sales and Marketing
952.898.8722 | email
  • Public relations and community outreach
  • Meets with families seeking placement to address socialization, safety, and care for their loved ones
  • Conducts tours of the Regent
  • Answers questions regarding the emotion and logistics of moving
Augustana Regent of Burnsville Evan Mochama Evan Mochama, RN, Director of Home Care Services
952.898.8726 | email
  • Coordinates care provided by Regent’s home care department
  • Handles questions regarding home care services, resident assessments and service schedules
Augustana Regent of Burnsville Karen Douglass Karen Douglass, RN, Assistant Director of Home Care Services
952.898.8742 | email
  • Assists the Director of Nursing with home care services, doctor referrals, pharmacy services, medication administration and resident assessments
  • Provides home health education to Augustana staff
Augustana Regent of Burnsville Amanda Hanson Amanda Hanson Resident Services Coordinator
952.898.8728 | email
  • Assists residents and families with transitional issues, support services and transportation
  • Coordinates and schedules Ancillary Care Services (Podiatry, Vision, Dental, Hearing, more)
  • Assists with VA Benefits, LTC Insurance policies and waiver processing
  • Facilitates and coordinates support groups
  • Handles questions regarding care conferences
Augustana Regent of Burnsville Jodi Chan Jodi Chan, Director of Therapeutic Recreation
952-898-8757 | email
  • Oversees social, recreational and spiritual programs & activities
  • Arranges outings, creates resident calendars
  • Coordinates volunteer training & scheduling
Augustana Regent of Burnsville Ricco Mejia Ricco Mejia, Director of Culinary Services
952.898.8724 | email
  • Oversees menu development and all dietary needs
  • Addresses questions and suggestions regarding food service operations
  • Trains and supervises Dietary staff
Augustana Regent of Burnsville Curt Giersdorf Curt Giersdorf, Maintenance Director
952.898.8730 | email
  • Manages all operations and maintenance of the building, heating and cooling systems, grounds and equipment 
  • Oversees safety training and compliance
  • Coordinates Safety Committee
Melissa Beebe Melissa Beebe, Lead Receptionist
  952.898.1910| email
  • Coordinates and hires receptionist team staffing, scheduling 7 days a week 7am – 7pm
  • Assists residents with inquiries on the phone and face to face
  • Outlines the main tasks and responsibilities for receptionist team
  • Provides residents and visitors with information on the building and greets tours for the Marketing Director